Hide yourself on Internet! Stay anonymous!!

Abhiman Gowda
3 min readJul 1, 2021

Yes, you read it right, you can stay anonymous while you browse on the internet using proxy chains!!!

How To Stay Anonymous while browsing?

One of the methods to stay anonymous is by using proxychains. Let's see how it can be done!! Here we are going to do this by using tor service.

this method is a bit simple follow the below guide.[i’m using kali Linux 2021.1 v for demo.]

before starting let us check our public IP first.

img:1 IP check before running proxychains.

you can see my public IP before using the proxychains.[Note: i have masked my original public ip address .]

img:2 locating the path.

open the terminal just type locate proxychains you will get the result at the top that is the path to edit proxychains configuration. navigate to that location to edit config file by nano /etc/proxychains4.conf [some versions may have only proxychains instead no pblm.

img:3 commenting.

use the same path .]add # infornt of strict_chain and remove # infornt of dynamic_chain.

Scroll down to the bottom.

img:4 adding socks5.

in the end, you can find socks4 9050 this the default IP and port on which your tor service runs. just repeat the same line at the bottom by just changing socks4 to socks5 ie socks5 9050.After typing press ctrl+o -> Enter ctrl+x to exit.

img:5 starting tor service.

open up a new terminal window type sudo service tor start check whether the tor service is up by sudo service tor status if the status is active. then you are set. If tor is not pre-installed then install it by using sudo apt-get install tor

img:6 Running proxychains command.

open a new terminal window just type proxychains4 firefox www.duckduckgo.com ->here instead you can type proxychains4 firefox www.google.com ->or any browser. the firefox browser pops open with the browser which you have provided.{Note: better to use duckduckgo.com}

[Note: don't exit the terminal or close the terminal until the browsing task is completed,keep it running in the background.] just type what is my ip in the same tab which has been opened when you run the command.

img:7 End result.

now you can see my ip has changed to ip of France[you can compare the ip before img:1 and after using of proxychains] .and this ip acts as the phase and hides your real identity. as we are using tor service the ip changes each time you browse something. now you can browse anything on the same tab untill the program in terminal or browser is closed,after finishing the task just exit the terminal and type sudo service tor stop .


  1. As we are using tor service the internet speed may decrease.
  2. This does not work if the terminal running proxychains program is exited.
  3. This method only works properly on the tab which is opened once you run the proxychains4 firefox www.duckduckgo.com.
  4. Need to run proxychain program each time after closing browser or terminal.